Anaxos was founded in 1999 in the funky part of Austin, Texas, back when restaurants on South Congress served Shiner beer instead of prickly pear–infused craft margaritas. (Both are fine; we don’t judge here.)

Our Company

For decades, Anaxos has created educational and reference materials for companies large and small. We have written all kinds of tests (and test prep books), corporate biographies, pretty much every type of textbook that doesn’t involve art or auto repair, and a host of other titles. Our network of writers spans the globe; our breadth of expertise is not that expansive, but it’s close.

If your project involves words, Anaxos can help you.

Reference/Online Databases

While Anaxos has covered many topics over the years, ranging from fashion to nursing to wars in South America, our specialty is business writing. We have produced corporate biographies for more than 4,000 firms, in the United States and abroad, and we have also written extensively about hundreds of specific industries as well. Whatever the scale, Anaxos can handle any business information project you might have. The same holds true for any writing project that doesn’t require PhD-level knowledge to create.

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Content Marketing

Anaxos, Inc. has created the following items:

  • –A history of fashion, from ancient times up to (and including) yoga pants

  • –An English-to-Spanish guidebook for nurses

  • –A set of games/activities kids can work on while touring some of the world’s great museums

  • –Guides to help adults taking military tests (ASVAB) and English-language exams (TOEFL)

Great brands have compelling stories, and we are expert storytellers. For instance, this derelict building was once a meat processing facility; however, plans were made to convert the space into a meat-free restaurant specializing in plant-based proteins. Before coronavirus put these plans on hold, Anaxos was primed to chronicle this transformation across a variety of channels and in a host of different formats. When it comes to content marketing, we can help you define your company and brand through articles, posts, videos, and anything else you might require.

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Educational Materials

Originally a textbook company, Anaxos still creates educational content for publishers as well as schools and districts seeking K-12 materials that help them improve their remote learning capabilities. We have provided items as simple as basic vocabulary quizzes and as intricate as animated videos illustrating how viruses infect healthy cells.

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Contact Us

Drew D. Johnson, President
Anaxos, Inc.
1013 East Walnut, Suite 200
Columbia, MO 65201

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    Typically based in Austin, Anaxos is currently headquartered in mid-Missouri. As this photo attests, it’s not a bad place to be during a pandemic.